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Ammo Can M18 Battery Rack

Ammo Can M18 Battery Rack

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This is a custom insert designed by Jonah Pope Design to store your M18 Batteries in the Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box! 

It specifically fits the Milwaukee 48228422 PACKOUT Compact Tool Box



  • Easy Storage - Provides a compact and protected storage solution for your assortment of M18 Batteries! The insert simply drops in from the top and sits securely on the provided lip inside. It functions in the exact same way as the stock drop in tray that comes with the box.

  • Handles - Recessed handles are provided at each end of the insert to help you with lifting out the insert and access gear in the bottom of the box. Two additional handles are provided along the sides for extra options as well as a lip that runs the entire side for extra grip.

  • Snap In Place - Your batteries will clip in place just like on your M18 tools! You can turn the entire insert upside down and the batteries won't move at all. To insert, push the battery into the slot as you would with your tools. To remove, press the side buttons to release just like with your tools and lift up.

  • M18 Batteries - Designed to fit standard M18 Redlithium batteries ranging from 1.5AH to 5.0AH. More details provided below.



Battery Compatibility:

It specifically fits the standard M18 Redlithium batteries ranging from 1.5AH to 5.0AH. The design won't support sizes larger than 5.0 purely due to the huge increase in weight those batteries would add. As the design supports being lifted out to access gear stored underneath, anything heavier than eight 5.0 batteries may present an issue for the structural integrity of the print.

(Jonah is developing a design to sit in the bottom of this same Ammo Can Packout that can support the larger standard Redlithium batteries and should support 2.0 up to 12.0AH. This will be ready in around a month’s time).

High Output and Forge Note -The new M18 Forge Batteries or M18 High Output Batteries are larger/wider batteries thus wouldn't fit in this design due to the bigger footprint.

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