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M12 Die Grinder Slimline

M12 Die Grinder Slimline

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Introducing the custom "Slimline" Insert by Jonah Pope Design, tailored for your Milwaukee Packout Drawers to accommodate the M12 Die Grinder. Specifically designed for the Milwaukee 2 & 3 Drawer units (48-22-8443 & 48-22-8442).

This innovative system is dedicated to storing smaller Milwaukee M12 or M18 tools, eliminating the need to split the drawer in half. Each insert includes 3 variations for left, middle, or right drawer sections.


  • Maximum Storage Space: Custom variants ensure optimal use of drawer space.
  • Custom Collet and Wrench Holder: Securely holds your extra gear within the top insert.
  • Double Layer Design: Removable top layer reveals additional storage options.
  • Custom Die Grinder Bit Storage: Designed racks for storing your assortment of Die Grinder bits.
  • M12 Battery Storage: Easily fits a 2.0ah, 3.0ah or 2.5ah M12 Battery and other supplies.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with both 2 and 3 Drawer Packout units.

Important Notes:

  • Stock Milwaukee Drawer Dividers: Not needed with this custom storage system.
  • Slimline VS Standard Inserts: Slimline Inserts are not cross-compatible with larger drawer inserts.

Upgrade your Packout Drawer organization with the versatile and efficient "Slimline" Insert today!

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