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M12 Rotary Tool (Brushless)

M12 Rotary Tool (Brushless)

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This is a custom insert designed by Jonah Pope Design fit your Milwaukee Packout to store your M12 Rotary Tool Brushless and all your accompanying and kit/Dremel Bits.
It specifically fits the Milwaukee 48228435 PACKOUT Compact Organiser.

The specific M12 Rotary Tool (Fuel) that this is designed for is model 2525-20.

Features - Super Flexible Design

  • Double Layered Storage - Two lift out trays reveal even more storage underneath the tool itself and the main bit storage area.

  • Battery Storage - Room to store your tool with a 2.0 battery installed plus room for an additional 2.0 battery PLUS one of the higher capacity 4.0 - 6.0 batteries.

  • No Loose Dremel Bits - The insert is designed to follow the contours of the Packout lid when closed. You can rest assured you won't have your Dremel bits jumping over dividers whilst in transport or carrying your Packout.

  • Quick Select - Dedicated slots included near the head of the tool for storing your most frequent bits for easy selection.

These items are custom-made for your needs.

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