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M18 Multi-Tool (Fuel) Slimline

M18 Multi-Tool (Fuel) Slimline

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Introducing the custom "Slimline" Insert by Jonah Pope Design, tailored for your Milwaukee Packout Drawers to accommodate the M18 Multi-Tool (Fuel). Specifically designed for the Milwaukee 2 & 3 Drawer units (48-22-8443 & 48-22-8442).

🔹Slimline - New Extra Modular Drawer System!🔹

This innovative system is dedicated to storing smaller Milwaukee M12 or M18 tools, eliminating the need to split the drawer in half. Each insert has variations for left, middle, or right drawer sections.


  • Maximum Storage Space - Custom file variants ensure optimal use of drawer space.
  • Blade Storage - Designs specifically to store as many supplies as possible. There's the two main dividers/tubs on the side, but there's also storage space under the tool itself! The drawer is deeper than the thickness of the tool, so Jonah designed in space under the tool where additional supplies can be stored without interference as the tool is raised up

  • Compatibility - Compatible with both 2 and 3 Drawer Packout units.


  • Stock Milwaukee Drawer Dividers: Not needed with this custom storage system.

Upgrade your Packout Drawer organization with the versatile and efficient "Slimline" Insert today!

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